Kavli Research & Enterprise Discussions (K.R.E.D) by NIH Distinguished Investigator Adriaan Bax

On the 17th of January, the Kavli Institute for Nanoscience Discovery welcomed a full house to listen to Dutch-American molecular biophysicist, NIH Distinguished Investigator Ad Bex's Kavli Research & Enterprise Discussions (K.R.E.D) Talk on "The Increasing Power of NMR in Challenging Structural Biology". Professor Andy Baldwin was the organiser of the event, which was highly successful and engaging.


Ad Bex, a leading NMR expert, gave an in-depth presentation on the power of NMR in challenging structural biology. He highlighted the use of NMR to study conformational dynamics and elucidate protein structures. His talk was followed by a lively Q&A session, where attendees had an opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussion.


The event was concluded with refreshments, where attendees had a chance to speak with Ad Bex and exchange ideas with him. 


Since April 2021, Oxford University's KAVLI Institute for Nanoscience Discovery is proudly serving as a hub for research groups from seven different departments spanning both the medical and physical sciences, including Professor Andy Baldwin's from the Department of Chemistry.

Photo of Ad Bax giving the KRED Talk