Simon Newstead

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Simon Newstead

David Phillips Professor of Molecular Biophysics 

01865 613200

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Newstead Group



Structural and Functional Studies of Membrane Proteins involved in nutrient uptake and drug transport

Research in my group focuses on understanding how nutrient transporters function at a molecular level. In humans, many of the membrane proteins involved in absorbing nutrients from our diet are also responsible for drug transport and distribution into specific organs, including the central nervous system, liver, kidneys and GI tract. Nutrient transporters therefore have a profound impact on the pharmacokinetic properties of many administered drugs with clear medical advantages in understanding their structure, biochemistry and regulation.

We are a structural and biochemistry focused group, using a range of biophysical and biochemical methods. Our main techniques are protein crystallisation and single particle cryo-EM imaging. We also rely heavily on insights gained through detailed biochemical analysis of reconstituted protein and functional assays. The group is currently focused on several families of secondary active SLC transporters linked to drug transport. These include the SLC15 peptide transporters, PepT1 and PepT2, the SLC7, 36 and 38 families of amino acid transporters and the SLC35 family of nucleotide sugar transporters. Please see our group web site for more information on these projects and members of the group