Kavli Research & Enterprise Discussions (K.R.E.D)

Dear All,


We hope that you will be able to join us on 07th of October 2022 at 14h00 for another lecture of the Kavli Research and Enterprise Discussion (K.R.E.D)


We are so pleased that Robert Tampé, Goethe University Frankfurt will be giving a lecture entitled A Long Journey to the Nanoarchitecture of Adaptive Immunity.


The Abstract of the lecture is as follows.

Identifying and eliminating infected or malignantly transformed cells are fundamental tasks of our adaptive immune system. For immune surveillance, the cell’s metastable proteome is presented to cytotoxic T-lymphocytes in the form of broken metastable bits (peptides) on major histocompatibility complex class I (MHC I) molecules. Our knowledge of the pathway from the cellular proteome to the presentation of peptides has greatly expanded, leading to a fairly comprehensive understanding of the antigen processing pathway. The seminar will report on the mechanisms of antigen translocation, MHC I chaperoning and quality control, and final T-cell recognition at the target cell membrane.



This internal event is for Kavli members only and booking via eventbrite is essential as seats are limited to 80.

Please be aware that the event will not be recorded nor be offered as an online event.


We look forward to seeing you.

rober tampe seminar poster