Kavli Research & Enterprise Discussions (K.R.E.D)

Our Kavli Research and Enterprise Discussion (K.R.E.D) will be given by Ashutosh Chilkoti.

Ashutosh Chilkoti is the Alan L. Kaganov Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Duke University.

His research in biomolecular engineering and biointerface science focuses on the development of new molecular tools and technologies that borrow from molecular biology, protein engineering, polymer chemistry and surface science that we then exploit for the development of applications that span the range from bioseparations, plasmonic biosensors, low-cost clinical diagnostics, and drug delivery.

Ashutosh's talk is entitled "Biomolecular Condensates from Synthetic Intrinsically Disordered Proteins: Tools for Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology"

The abstract is below. 

In this talk, I will introduce synthetic intrinsically disordered proteins (SynIDPs) that are genetically encoded polymers of short peptide repeats that exhibit upper critical solution temperature (UCST) or lower critical solution temperature (LCST) phase behavior like many naturally occurring IDPs. Because of their simplicity, the phase behavior of SynIDPs can be rationally tuned at the molecular level by control of their sequence, composition, and chain length. I will describe how SynIDPs can be used to develop simple but powerful tools for biotechnology and for the design of synthetic biomolecular condensates in live cells to control diverse cellular functions.


Please be advised that this is an in person event only and booking is mandatory as the seating is limited.

Kavli seminars poster Ashutosh Chilkoti's KRED Talk