Kavli Research & Enterprise Discussions (K.R.E.D)

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Dear All,


We hope that you will be able to join us on 10th of March 2023 at 15h30 for the next lecture of the Kavli Research and Enterprise Discussion (K.R.E.D)


We are so pleased that Dream Chemistry Award Winner Yujia Qing will be giving a lecture entitled "Nanopore Chemistry for Single-molecule Proteomics"


The Abstract of the lecture is as follows.

The stepwise movement of a single biopolymer strand through a nanoscopic detector for the sequential identification of its building blocks offers a universal means for single-molecule sequencing. This principle has been implemented in portable sequencers—developed commercially by Oxford Nanopore Technologies—that use enzymes to move DNA or RNA through hundreds of individual protein nanopores positioned in an array. The success with nucleic acids is stimulating work on “sequencing” other information-rich biopolymers, such aspolypeptides, by the nanopore approach. Major roadblocks include the lack of suitable motors to control translocation and the need of an alternative driving force within a pore to capture and extend polypeptides. Recently, we have devised a purely chemical means to move molecules processively in steps comparable to the repeat distances in biopolymers. Taking advantage of this remarkable control over molecular motion, we have demonstrated enzymeless DNA base identification by chemical stepping. Further work exploring electroosmosis to drive biopolymer translocation is underway, which will be applied to single-molecule proteoform characterisation.


This internal event is for Oxford staff only.

For the in-person event, booking via Eventbrite is essential as seats are limited to 100.

We look forward to seeing you.