Kavli Research & Enterprise Discussions (K.R.E.D)

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Dear All,

We hope that you will be able to join us on 13th of October 2022 at 16h30 for the second lecture of the Kavli Research and Enterprise Discussion (K.R.E.D)

We are so pleased that Debora Marks, Harvard University will be giving a lecture entitled Predicting the Effects of Genetic Variation and Designing Biotherapeutics with Neural Machines.

The Abstract of the lecture is as follows.

There’s now an amazing opportunity to accelerate discovery across important 21st-century challenges by using computation tightly coupled to biological experiments and clinical medicine. I will describe some recent approaches from my lab for these challenges where we have developed new machine learning methods that can exploit the enormous natural sequence diversity and our ability to synthesize DNA at scale. To demonstrate the power of these new approaches I will present recent work predicting the effects of human genetic variation on disease and drug response, the anticipation of viral escape from the host immune system for vaccine design, protein design for enzyme optimization, antibodies, and sustainable biomaterials.

A drinks reception will follow after the lecture.

This internal event is for Kavli members only and booking via ​​​​​eventbrite is essential as seats are limited to 80.

Please be aware that the event will not be recorded nor be offered as an online event.

We look forward to seeing you.