Wellcome Trust Discovery Award to Kavli PI, Professor Elena Seiradake

Kavli Institute for Nanoscience Discovery PI, Elena Seiradake, has been awarded a prestigious collaborative Wellcome Trust Discovery Award, titled "MIGRATE: Molecular interactions of guidance receptors acting in early cortical development." The project aims to shed light on the molecular mechanisms that underlie the migration of cells in the developing brain, which is crucial for the formation of functional neural circuits. 


The project is led by a multidisciplinary team of researchers. Elena Seiradake will be leading structural biology and cell biology work in her lab, and acts as the director of MIGRATE. Also at the Kavli Institute for Nanoscience Discovery, Lindsay Baker contributes expertise in cryo-electron tomography and labelling techniques, and Director Carol Robinson brings advanced mass spectrometry to the project. Other co-applicants include Daniel Del Toro Ruiz from the University of Barcelona, who uses advanced neurobiology models to study the migration of cells in tissues, and Valentin Nägerl from Université de Bordeaux, who develops super-resolution microscopy techniques. Other collaborators are Liqun Luo from the University of Stanford and Rüdiger Klein from the Max Plack Institute for Biological Intelligence.


The Wellcome Trust Award is a highly competitive funding program that supports innovative biomedical research with the potential to make a significant impact on human health. Professor Seiradake's success in securing this award is a testament to the importance of her research and the collaborative efforts of her team.


Congratulations to Professor Seiradake and her team on this well-deserved award!

Photo of Elena Seiradake

Photo Credit: John Cairns



Photo of Elena Seiradake with her group.


Since April 2021, Oxford University's KAVLI Institute for Nanoscience Discovery is proudly serving as a hub for research groups from seven different departments spanning both the medical and physical sciences, including Professor Elena Seiradake's group from the Department of Biochemistry.