OPDC researchers at KINsD welcome Parkinson’s UK and the Oxford Branch committee

Last week, researchers from the Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Centre (OPDC) at KINsD hosted Caroline Rassell, Parkinson’s UK Chief Executive; David Dexter, Associate Research Director; Trustee Board members, Gary Shaughnessy (Chair) and Sally Bromley; together with members of the Parkinson’s UK Oxford Branch committee, to demonstrate the research being conducted in Oxford.

During the meeting, Prof. Stephanie Cragg spoke about the $9 million Aligning Science Across Parkinson’s (ASAP) grant that will give the University of Oxford an unprecedented opportunity to map the fundamentals of brain circuits vulnerable to Parkinson’s disease.

Professor Richard Wade-Martins gave a presentation addressing the upcoming £4 million Wellcome Trust Collaborative Award in Science led by the OPDC which will initiate in May 2022. In his presentation, Professor Wade-Martins also emphasized the collaborative and multidisciplinary driven research undertaken by the OPDC over the past ten years, the new research facilities at the Kavli Institute Nanoscience for Discovery, South Parks Road, and their exciting plans for the next decade.

Following the conclusion of the event, Professor Richard Wade-Martins remarked, “The visit was a great opportunity for us to meet and engage with Parkinson’s UK, and members of the local Oxford branch. It was a brilliant day packed full of great interactions and discussions. We found the visit extremely valuable to get an insight into the experiences of people with Parkinson's.

Since April 2021, Oxford University's KAVLI Institute for Nanoscience Discovery is proudly serving as a hub for research groups from seven different departments spanning both the medical and physical sciences, including Professor Richard Wade-Martin's Group from the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics.