Kavli Research & Enterprise Discussions Continued with Two International Scientists

In the last two weeks, we had the opportunity to host two academics who visited our institute to present seminars within the scope of KRED Talks.

On the 7th of October, Professor Robert Tampé, Director of the Institute of Biochemistry at the Goethe University Frankfurt gave a lecture entitled "A Long Journey to the Nanoarchitecture of Adaptive Immunity". In 2017 Robert came to Oxford as a Visiting Professor at the Department of Biochemistry. Since then, he has been an Honorary Visiting Fellow at Merton College. 

We had a second international visitor on the 13th of October from the US, Debora Marks gave a lecture entitled "Predicting the Effects of Genetic Variation and Designing Biotherapeutics with Neural Machines". Debora is a mathematician and computational biologist with a track record of successfully addressing unsolved biological problems with novel algorithms and statistics. Debora's lab at the Harvard University works on developing deep learning methods to address various biological challenges, such as predicting the effects of genetic variation and designing sequences for biosynthetic applications.

It is our great pleasure to share that both talks were enjoyed by our researchers followed by a drinks reception where everyone had the opportunity to chat to the speakers.

The Kavli INsD Communications Officer would like to thank Dr Susanne Mesøy, for her photographs we used in this news item. #CollaborativeKavliSpirit


Robert Tampe with Carol Robinson and Simon Newstead




Robert Tampe giving his lecture
Debora Marks with Carol Robinson at the end of her talk.

Photo Credit: Susanne Mesoy

Debora Marks chatting with Kavli Team members during the drinks reception

Photo Credit: Susanne Mesoy

Kavli Team enjoying the drinks reception

Photo Credit: Susanne Mesoy