Kavli Foundation, U.S.A Engages with Kavli INsD Oxford in Productive Visit

Kavli Foundation, U.S.A Engages with Kavli INsD Oxford in Productive Visit


On Friday 10 May 2024 Kavli INsD Oxford had the privilege of hosting The Kavli Foundation's president, Dr. Cynthia Friend alongside Dr. Amy Bernard, Head of Strategy and Programs for the Nanoscience and Neuroscience divisions.


Cynthia Friend and Amy Bernard answering the questions


Professor Dame Carol Robinson, Kavli INsD Director, hosted an open forum discussion during which Dr Friend and Dr Bernard shared updates on the Foundation's initiatives and responded to questions from our researchers. The questions mostly revolved around potential networking opportunities among Kavli institutes worldwide.

During a tour of our facilities, Dr. Friend and Dr. Bernard were shown cutting-edge instruments utilised by our researchers, from Mass Spectrometers, a state-of-the-art Nano Imager, our Laser labs and Cryo-EM facilities as well as bespoke pioneering instrumentation, gaining insights into the innovative technologies driving our research endeavours. Our researchers showcased not only the facilities but also demonstrated the intricate workings of these instruments as well as a novel public engagement initiative by our biophysics team, providing a glimpse into the forefront of scientific exploration. We were thrilled to hear Dr. Friend saying that she was highly impressed by how well equipped Kavli Oxford is.



I was delighted by the support from all in our Kavli Institute.  The demonstrations were a great success, and the presentations went well, thank you to all!

Professor Dame Carol Robinson


Dr Alison Farrar presents on biophysics public engagement initiative’


Continuing the engagement, Dr. Friend and Dr. Bernard met with Kavli Scholar Vladyslav Kim, who recently joined our institute to commence Doctoral studies. This meeting underscored the Foundation's commitment to supporting emerging talent in the field of science. Moreover, the visit included a special session with one of this year's KARD Award-winning teams, comprising Dr Stelios Chatzimichail, Dr Suman Dutta, and Dr Corinne Lutomski. Dr. Friend and Dr. Bernard had the opportunity to learn about their proof of concept research and commend their early progress. 


KARD-Award winning team presenting their research


The visit culminated in an enjoyable dinner offering fruitful exchange of ideas and insights, strengthening the bond between Kavli INsD Oxford and The Kavli Foundation. We look forward to continued collaboration and shared endeavours in the pursuit of scientific excellence.


From touring state-of-the-art instrumentation laboratories, to speaking with Institute scientists and KARD award recipients, we were so impressed by the scientific accomplishments and positive community culture that make this Institute a very special place. 

Dr Amy Bernard (Director, Life Sciences, The Kavli Foundation)