The Importance of Sleep - Kavli INsD and SCNi Participate in Building Wide Wellbeing Event

In collaboration with the Department of Biochemistry's Centenary Events, a Wellbeing Week was hosted across the Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin Building. One of the highlights of the week was a talk given by the Kavli INsD based SCNi team on "The Importance of Sleep".

Prior to the informative and entertaining talk, sleep researchers Rachel Sharman, Lampros Bisdounis, and Jeevun Grewal conducted an informal online survey to gather data from the DCH Building about their sleep habits. Both the survey and the talk generated a high level of interest and curiosity from attendees. During the talk, the survey results were also discussed along with fun facts including the sleep habits of spiders and the impact of chocolate on sleep quality. The data revealed that on average 28% of participants working in the DCH building were satisfied with their sleep while hours slept averaged at 7 hours and 19 minutes.

The findings of the informal survey provided insights on the sleep habits of the staff and highlighted the importance of sleep for their overall well-being.


sleep talk audience sitting on the stairs of the atrium
sleep talk slides revealing the survey data