Celebrating Festive Science: Kavli Oxford Researcher Secures 2nd Place

Celebrating Festive Science: Nick Gatford Secures 2nd Place


In a dazzling display of scientific artistry, Kavli Oxford's Postdoc researcher, Nick Gatford, clinched the second-place spot in the Medical Research Foundation's Festive Science Image Competition. His captivating image, titled "O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, how lovely are your dendrites!" stood out among the entries.


nick gatford oh christmas tree



The image offers a glimpse into the microscopic world of science, featuring dopaminergic neurons derived from human stem cells. Gatford explains, "Dopaminergic neurons are the primary cell type affected in Parkinson’s disease. We utilize these cells to unravel the mysteries of neurodegeneration and pioneer the development of novel drugs aimed at slowing their deterioration. The insights gained from such experiments hold the promise of ushering in groundbreaking treatments for Parkinson’s disease."


nick gatford


The image was captured using a state-of-the-art super-resolution microscope, composed of multiple tiles seamlessly stitched together to reveal a vast landscape of neuronal connections. Gatford employed an intensity-based filter, infusing the neurons with festive hues reminiscent of holiday decorations. The electron microscopy structures of a complete proton pump take on the role of ornaments, while a single human neuron proudly stands as the shining star atop the scientific Christmas tree.


For those intrigued by the science behind the art, the full story and in-depth details can be explored on the Medical Research Foundation's official website. Gatford's achievement not only showcases the beauty hidden within the intricacies of scientific research but also highlights the vital work being done to advance our understanding of neurodegenerative diseases.